Nishwa’s father announces formation of Nishwa trust

KARACHI: Father of nine-month-old infant Nishwa who died due to being administered the wrong injection in April by Darus Sehat Hospital staff, announced the formation of Nishwa trust on Wednesday.


In a press conference, Nishwa’s father Qaiser Ali said he has reconciled with the Darus Sehat Hospital management and has taken back the case after recording the statement in the local police station.

Qaiser said in Rs5 million annually will be deposited in the Nishwa trust and upon recommendations of the trust, the scholarship will be awarded to two children annually.

A children ward in Darus Sehat Hospital will be built named after Nishwa, Qaiser added.

Qaiser said an agreement between him and the hospital management has taken place based on three demands; the hospital management will admit its mistake in front of media, the hospital will provide free treatment worth Rs50 million, and a trust named after Nishwa will be formed.

Qaiser said the Nishwa Foundation will help patients affected by medical malpractice and treatment will be provided to poor and hapless patients upon recommendations of the trust.

Forgave the hospital on a condition that no medical malpractice will happen in the future, Qaiser concluded.


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