Not named in Panama leaks, all assets declared before FBR: Aleem Khan


LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf s (PTI) Aleem Khan has said on Monday that he is not named in Panama leaks and his company and four flats in London are declared before Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).


Khan addressed a press conference in the provincial capital to refute allegations surfaced against him today in latest Panama leaks.

Khan said that he has been in opposition for eight years but none alleged him of corruption ever. He said that Federal Board of Revenue has all the details of his assets. Khan said that he had declared all his properties to the institution before NA-122 re-election.

He is fully aware that leaders are scrutinizing him and his assets round the clock to find dirt on him, he said. Khan said that half of his earnings were registered under his name while half under his wife’s name.

How his assets could feature in Panama leaks when they are already declared, he asked.

He lambasted a journalist for allegedly placing stories against him in a local newspaper on instructions of a politician. He called out the journalist on his alleged dishonesty and demanded him to disclose name of his sponsor.

Since his assets were declared in departments concerned, politicians belonging to other parties should also make details of their earnings public, he demanded.

Stressing on his affiliation with PTI, Khan said that he would never leave PTI chief Imran Khan’s side. He could be probed by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), National Accountability Bureau (NAB) or Punjab Police but he would not shift his inclination.

Earlier today it was reported that another 400 Pakistanis have been named in second set of leaks by Panama Papers. The paper had announced to disclose more names involved in offshore dealings and stashing wealth abroad on May 9.

Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif’s family was named in the leaks in April and since then PTI chief among other opposition parties have been demanding probe under Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Anwar Zaheer Jamali that is free of all external pressures.