One Billion Trees Will Be Planted By Next June, says PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we had decided to plant 10 billion trees, 300 million trees in two years, plants are ready in nurseries and one billion trees will be planted by next June.


Inaugurating the monsoon tree planting campaign in Kahuta,  Prime Minister Imran Khan said that unfortunately, Pakistan was on the list of countries with the lowest forest cover.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the cultivation of plants in nurseries is continuing and in the next five years they will gradually achieve their goal.

He said that there are 300 guards in the area for the protection and conservation of forests in Kahuta, which will be increased to 3,000 to keep the forest inhabited.

He said that the new generation understands the importance of forests and trees.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “We have decided to devote two hours a week in educational institutions to educating children about tree planting.

He said that hundreds of trees were cut down under the guise of Lahore development projects and now the rate of environmental pollution has increased to such an extent that the health of the people has started to be affected.

It should be noted that the PML-N government used to cut down about 4,000 trees in Lahore due to various development works including the mega project Orange Line train project.

120 trees were also cut down for construction of Link Canal Road from Punjab University, most of which were mango trees.


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