One dead, six injured after building collapses in Lahore’s Chauburji

One person was killed and six injured after a building collapsed in Lahore’s Chauburji Friday afternoon. Others are feared stuck under the debris.


Seven people were rushed to the Services Hospital, of which one died and two others are said to be in critical condition, according to MS Dr Iftikhar. The injured had burn wounds too.

Cars and motorcycles parked outside the building have been damaged and people are complaining that they can smell gas.

Operations SSP Faisal Shahzad said that it seems that an explosion occurred because of a gas leak after which the building collapsed. Eyewitnesses have narrated similar accounts.

The incident occurred when Friday prayers were being offered, according to the police. The case is being investigated.

The building belongs to a bank and it is not known how many people were inside it at the time of collapse.

‘We thought it was an earthquake’

We thought that there has been an earthquake because the ground started shaking after the explosion, an eyewitness told media. “I was standing on my roof when I saw a motorcyclist collide with the building after which an explosion occurred,” he said.

The area falls within the jurisdiction of the Sanda police station. It is a commercial area and many business centres, mosques and hospitals are located nearby.


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