Opposition hopeful PM will respond to Panama questions

ISLAMABAD: Opposition parties boycotted the session of National Assembly on Thursday and called for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to return to the Parliament and respond to questions on Panama Leaks.


“Four non-serious members of the assembly met the opposition members yesterday. But we want detailed response from the prime minister about our seven questions on the issue of the Panama Leaks,” veteran PPP leader Senator Aitezaz Ahsan told the media.

“It is the right of parliamentarians to ask additional questions to the prime minister and they will do it once the prime minister joins the sessions,” he said.

Ahsan warned that opposition parties would increase their questions if Prime Minister Sharif failed to come up with satisfactory response.

When asked about Prime Minister Sharif’s refusal to respond to opposition’s questions, Ahsan said that he would not react to media statements.

“We want to give benefit of the doubt to the prime minister and expect him to come to the parliament and respond to our seven questions,” he said.

Ahsan said that opposition parties had reservations about the TOR formulated by the government.

Speaking on this occasion, PTI leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi urged the government to create a positive situation.

“We want to hear each and every word of the prime minister and want to know what is the source of his income?” he said.

Awami Muslim League head Sheikh Rashid said a PTV drive pays more taxes than the prime minister of this country.

“We are hoping that Prime Minister Sharif will hear us and we will hear him,” he added.