Pakistan and Turkey have profound relationship, says Fawad

ISLAMABAD: Speaking to the opening ceremony of a Turkish news agency in Pakistan on Tuesday, Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said that Pakistan and Turkey have profound relationship and their brotherhood is exemplary.


The minister said that Muslims of subcontinent and Turkey have a historical relationship and Pakistan’s relationship with Turkey is not based on any philosophy but is based on a public level so Turkey is included in visa free list of Pakistan.

Minster said that Turkey was included in Pakistan’s new tourism policy on priority bases as Turkey always have supported Pakistan in every hardship country faced. Pakistani media acted responsibly on the issue of Pulwama and Kashmir and Paksitan’s statement on Pulwama incident was praised globally, said minister.

Info minister said that after the Pulwama incident India has been isolated and Narendra Modi created a war like situation because of elections. He said International media is returning to Pakistan.

Minister announced that Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate a new e-visa policy on Thursday in which countries like China and Malaysia will be included. 55 countries will be issued visa on airports.

Minister said that new visa policy is being introduced for the journalists and Pakistan has improved the visa policy for international journalists.

He further said that wars are fought on the basis of ideologies and we wish to highlight Pakistan’s identity on an universal level.


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