Pakistan handed 27 Afghan Taliban, Haqqani militants to Kabul in November: FO

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has handed over 27 individuals, who were suspected of belonging to Tehreek-i-Taliban Afghanistan (TTA) and Haqqani Network (HN), to Afghanistan in November 2017, said foreign office spokesperson DR. Faisal on Tuesday.


“Pakistan continues to push any suspected Afghan Taliban and Haqqani Network elements to prevent them from using our soil for any terrorist activity in Afghanistan,” said Dr Mohammad Faisal in a statement.

He also said that Pakistan has continued to push any suspected TTA and HN elements to prevent them from using Pakistani soil for terrorist activity in Afghanistan.

The FO said that country has lost 75,000 civilians and 6,000 soldiers during the war.

“we have one of the highest officer-to-soldier casualty rate globally and suffered economic losses worth USD 123bn,” he added.


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