Pakistan has most coronavirus cases and deaths per million in South Asia

Out of the three biggest South Asian countries, Pakistan has the highest COVID-19 cases and deaths per million people, as per world statistics.


In terms of number of confirmed cases in comparison to its population, Pakistan ranks number one, followed by Bangladesh and India, according to Our World in Data, a collaborative effort between researchers at the University of Oxford and the non-profit Global Change Data Lab.

As per the chart, on May 20 Pakistan had 207 cases per million in the country. Bangladesh had 152 and India has 77 positive tests per million.

In terms of deaths per million, again Pakistan leads with 0.21 deaths per million on May 20, followed closely by Bangladesh 0.13 and India 0.10.

However, the dashboard notes that the number of confirmed cases is lower than the number of total cases. The main reason for this is limited testing in some countries.

Earlier this month, Pakistan began slowing easing its three-week lockdown to allow some industries and economic sectors to open up, following tight protocols.


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