Pakistan navy celebrates ‘Pakistan day’ with traditional zeal & fervour

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Navy celebrated Pakistan Day with zeal and fervour. This auspicious day is observed to remind the nation the great and immortal sacrifices at the cost of which the country was created when the Muslims of sub continent declared their demand for a separate homeland to safeguard sanctity of rights of the Muslims in the Sub continent.


The day dawned with Gun Salutes and special prayers were offered in mosques for solidarity and integrity of the country. Pakistan Navy Ships and Establishments were illuminated and Commanding Officers of all units and establishments addressed special gatherings of officers and men highlighting significance of the day.

The major event of the day was Joint Services Pakistan Day Parade, which was held at Shakarparian Islamabad. Captain Syed Atif Shah PN was Parade 2nd in Command whereas smartly clad and agile contingent of Pakistan Navy, led by Cdr Syed Saqlain PN, was part of the Parade. Lady Officers, Female Medical Technicians (FMTs) of Pakistan Navy, Special Services Group (Navy) and PN Band were also part of the Tri Services contingents. In addition, Pakistan Navy aircraft P3C Orion, Z9EC and Seaking helicopters also flew past in this impressive parade.

Captain Shahzad Hamid PN led P3Cs formation fly past. P3Cs – Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft, known as “Flying Destroyers” are fitted with Anti-Surface Missiles, Anti-Submarine Torpedoes, Depth Charges, Bombs, and Mines.

Proudly known as ‘STINGRAY’, Pakistan Navy Z9EC helicopters are equipped with state of art Radar & Dipping Sonar and armed with torpedoes and depth charges; and designed to hunt enemy submarines. Captain Zahid Farooq PN led the Z9EC formation.

Seaking helicopters, avowed as “SHARKS” are part of Pakistan Navy 111 Squadron. These state of the art helicopters are capable of undertaking Anti Submarine Warfare and Anti Surface operations, besides carrying out maritime surveillance. Captain Noman Bashir Usmani PN led Seaking formation.

Pakistan Navy Sea Eagle team, led by Captain Imran Rana PN, Special Services Group (Navy) was also part of Tri Services Sky Diving Team. This team exhibited various free fall jumping techniques, which included complicated Maneuvers and landing at targets with precise accuracy.

Various other activities including Flag Hoisting ceremonies at different PN units/ establishments with singing of National Anthem and songs by the students of Pakistan Navy Academic Institutions were also held.

A special Pakistan Day Fun Fair was organised at Karachi where various activities highlighting the significance of the day were arranged for the interest of children and families. A large number of officers, CPOs/sailors and their families including civilians attended the Fun Fair.


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