Pakistan is not partisan of Muslim world divide: Khawaja Asif

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister of Pakistan Khawaja Asif said that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is not partisan of Muslim world divide as Islamabad want to extend hands in adding water to the fire ablaze in Muslim World.


Addressing at National Assembly forum, discussing the ongoing issues the ‘Muslim Ummah’ confronts, Khawaja Asif claimed that the Muslim World is looking towards Pakistan to mediate differences

He said that Islamabad would not allege anyone for the anarchy that the Muslims confront worldwide, adding that whatever is happening in Syria, Pakistan looks at it with utmost concern.

On Saudi led operation in Yemen, the incumbent foreign minister distanced itself from being the accomplice of Riyadh, saying that Pakistan never participated in Yemen war.

He lamented the United States decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israel capital, adding it served greater injustice to the people of Palestine.

Condemning the State policy fighting against soviets and aiding Americans, Asif lambasted the ‘Jihad policy’ which was misused in early 80’s era.

Knowing the enemies and being oblivious about facilitators leads to greater instability, further adding that the enemy could not cross the border, however its agents residing in any country,  usually locals facilitate their agenda by spilling blood, said Asif.




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