Pakistan re-elected with vast majority to UN committee for three years

Pakistan on Thursday got re-elected to the United Nations’ Committee for Programme and Coordination (CPC) after securing an overwhelming majority of 52 votes from the 54-member United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).


“This overwhelming support constitutes 96% of the total tally,” read a statement issued by the Foreign Office.

“Pakistan’s reelection to the CPC is a resounding validation of Pakistan’s meaningful engagement within the United Nations as well as its contributions in the areas of international economic cooperation and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” it added.

According to the Foreign Office, the committee works as the “main subsidiary organ of ECOSOC and the UN General Assembly for Planning, Programming and Coordination of the work of the United Nations”.

Furthermore, the CPC is tasked with reviewing UN programmes and recommending to the UN Secretary General how “legislative mandates” can be translated into “programmatic activities”, said the statement.

It noted that Pakistan has been a member of the committee comprising 34 countries since 1973  and with this reelection will serve it for another three years — from 2021 to 2023.

“Pakistan’s presence at the Committee will help us contribute to the effective formulation of the programmes and budget planning of the United Nations,” said the Foreign Office.

The statement further observed that Pakistan is also currently serving as the President of ECOSOC at the United Nations “which is one of the principal organs of the UN and the central platform for economic and social development, forging consensus and coordinating efforts to achieve internationally agreed development goals”.

Pakistan is hopeful that with the relection to the committee, it will “continue to work hand-in-hand with the international community for promoting the shared goals of international cooperation and economic and social development, as enshrined in the UN Charter”, the statement concluded by saying.


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