PM and FM declare loyalty to ousted Nawaz, “Will always be our leader”

SIALKOT: Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that Pakistan has rendered sacrifices in the war against terror.


Addressing to a ceremony organized at Sialkot International airport, the premier added that Pakistan has achieved tremendous victories against terrorism as more than 0.2 million forces in Afghanistan could not secure peace in war torn country.

He also praised former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif about his vision for Pakistan, saying that PML(N) achieved many milestones in the 4 years of development programme launched by his party’s leader.

He remarked the progress in Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz) tenure as “miracle”.

While addressing a workers’ convention in the city, PM Abbasi and the FM Khwaja Muhammad Asif unanimously declared that Nawaz was, is and will always remain their leader.

“Nawaz is our leader and he will always remain our prime minister,” said PM Abbasi. “Did the nation accept the verdict against PM?”

“PML-N’s platform and Nawaz’s politics teaches us politics of serving people and goodwill,” he remarked, adding “we never levelled any allegations against anyone nor did we ever hurl abuses.”

We trust the people to take a decision in favour of PML-N in the upcoming general election. “2018 elections will be of PML-N,” he said.


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