Pakistan to soon become 100 per cent self-sufficient in PPE production: Dr Mirza

Dr Zafar Mirza, the prime minister’s aide on health, has expressed confidence that Pakistan will soon be able to produce personal protection equipment (PPE) to the extent of 100%, including N95 masks, as soon as within the next 10 days.


He said that the availability of PPEs is “no longer a problem”.

The premier’s aide on health said that the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has procured a large number of PPEs from abroad and is directly delivering them to hospitals.

He said the only issue that remains is the “irrational use” of the items, for which medical workers will be provided training under the national programme being rolled out for them.

Of 1 million Corona Relief Tiger Force applicants, 17,000 belong to medical field: Dr Mirza

Dr Zafar Mirza has addressed the 17,000 applicants to the Tiger Force and requested them to fill out a questionnaire sent by the government so they can be assigned appropriate duties.

“Of more than one million applicants, we have found about 17,000 to be nurses, paramedics etc. So they have been sent a questionnaire to know their specialities,” said the prime minister’s aide on health.

“Wee will put them to work in their own constituencies,” he said, explaining that they may be asked to work where people are quarantined or carry out routine healthcare services, whatever the area’s needs merit.

“If you have received this questionnaire please fill and send it,” he said.

Mirza announced a ‘national programme’ for the frontline workers treating COVID-19 patients and “putting their lives at risk”.

“Our greatest fear is that our frontline workers are putting themselves in danger looking after patients,” said Dr Mirza, as he took over the briefing.

“Globally, these workers have comprised 11% of those infected. Our rate is lower,” he said.

The premier’s aide said that the government has formed a national programme for the support and protection of frontline workers.

“We will work with provincial governments [for the implementation of the programme].”

He said that the programme will include mental health support and training on the correct use of personal protection equipment.

‘Important that we do not stop practicing the good habits learnt’: Dr Faisal

Taking over the press briefing, Dr Faisal reminds everyone to continue practicing the good hygiene and social distancing habits we have inculcated into our lives as a result of the outbreak.

“Our strategy ahead will rely heavily on this,” he said, adding: “Then we will be able to implement relaxations.”


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