Pakistan trashes Indian allegation about shooting down Pakistani F16

RAWALPINDI: The Pakistan Army on Monday denied Indian claims of shooting down a Pakistani F-16 in the air clash of February  27.


“Reference repeated Indian claims about shooting down of Pakistani F-16 by India and use of F16 in air battle on 27 February,” said the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), “the event of 27 Feb is part of history now. No Pakistani F16 was hit by Indian airforce.”

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) strike with JF17 within the Pakistani airspace across the Line of Control, added the ISPR.

“Later when 2 Indian jets crossed LOC they were shot down by PAF. Whether it was F16 or JF17 which shot down 2 Indian aircrafts is immaterial,” said ISPR, “even if F-16 have been used as at that point in time complete PAF was airborne including F16s, the fact remains that Pakistan Airforce shot down two Indian jets in self defence.”

ISPR said that India can assume any type of their choice even F-16, Pakistan retains the right to use anything and everything in its legitimate self defence.


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