Pakistan’s future lies only in democracy: Chairman Senate


ISLAMABAD: Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani on Monday said that democracy was the future of Pakistan, and those who foresee the country’s future undemocratic should come out of the wishful thinking.


Addressing a gathering here, Raza Rabbani said that Pakistan has become a complete federation after the 18th Amendment. He also said the number of seats in the Senate should also be increased if it is increased in the National Assembly (NA).

He contended that the significance of the upper house ends in the joint session of parliament, for it has only 104 members, while the number of NA lawmakers from just Punjab exceeds the total number of senators, due to which the essence of federation is lost.

The current situation is opposed to the federation, he added.

“The Senate should be given the power to approve the budget, and that in the joint session of the parliament, the upper house be given equivalent authority to vote as that of the NA,” the chairman said.

Rabbani also regretted that the parliament was kept isolated from the people, stressing on the need to strengthen it.