Panama Case: Bevy of Press Conferences, inclement weather and dishonesty

By: | Muhammad Ali Azlan |



The Usual Entourage of high ranking government officials and opposition flocked outside the supreme court of Pakistan for today’s proceedings and as we have seen in the past, they were not short of words amidst Islamabad’s chilly downpour raising the temperature with their ‘fiery’ verbatim.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad one of the petitioners in the case and leader of APML forewarned that consistent badmouthing by the government officials against the petitioners, might drag the country into a “Civil War.”

PML-N’s Tariq Fazal Chaudhry chanted, Imran Khan is afraid of Maryum Nawaz Sharif entering into politics in the near future.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam to give honest replies to the questions asked and to avoid inconsistencies in her replies.

The apex court said the real issue in the case was not ownership of foreign properties, but honesty.

“The court is only interested in the honesty aspect and not in the properties, since these things have their own bearing on the fate of the case,” the Dawn quoted Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, who heads the five-judge Supreme Court bench hearing the Panama Gate case, as saying.

“The impression I am getting is that improvements are being made as the case progresses,” observed Justice Ijaz ul Hasan, referring to at least four concise submissions made before the court on behalf of Maryam Sharif at different stages.

The judges pointed out to Advocate Shahid Hamid, who represents Maryam Nawaz Sharif, that in one of her replies, she had claimed she was a trustee of her brother Hussain Nawaz in relation to the property that belonged to Nescoll Ltd, while the trust deed between her and Mr. Hussain also mentioned Nielson Enterprises Ltd.

In a different reply, it was claimed that Hussain Nawaz lived abroad and had no national tax number (NTN), but later his NTN was furnished before the court in a subsequent statement to explain how he had sent a hefty amount of gifts to his father – the prime minister – of over four years.

State Ministers Khwaja Muhammad Asif and Khwaja Saad Rafique were again present to defend the premier to further strengthen his case, Asif maintained that they have provided consistent and relevant proves to the court whilst expressing hope for a unanimous victory in the case.

The Defence Minister further explained how Imran Khan supported the 1999 coup initiated by Musharraf against the Nawaz Government at the time and all his statements made during his time in favor of the dictatorial Musharraf regime were read out aloud in court further proving that Imran is a staunch opposer of a democratic setup.

“Imran has time and again tried through his sit-in protests to initiate a military intervention, in turn grabbing a high office upon regime change,” he added.

‘Javed Hashmi has exposed Imran’s desperation for leadership, by any means necessary, he iterated.’

“Where is the 7 Million dollars that he took in the form of zakat for SKMH?” He demanded.

Khwaja Saad stepped in front of the cameras for his turn to speak and called PTI and Imran Khan “Immature”. The petitioners in this case are not willing to reach a conclusive end, they just want to halt the country’s progress.

“We are trying to find an ointment for Imran Khan so that his jealousy and envy could be curbed”, he remarked.

“Imran and his cronies are just misguiding the nation.”

In a veiled threat to some private media organizations, he impressed upon the need for “professional” journalism. pointing out a handful of channels and anchors who are trying to influence things according to their own agenda.

Imran Khan and his party memebers spoke to the Media and reiterated their position with regards to the Qatari letter’s authenticity.

“The letter had never been mentioned since the case started until recently, this seems very dubious but we leave it to the court to decide on the matter.” Khan said.

Answering a question Khan said, All these new documents that are being revealed after each hearing is due to the pressure that is being built by our questions.

Jehangir Tareen (PTI) on the other hand challenged Nawaz sharif to a tax comparison so that their are no qualms on matters pertaining to tax evasion.





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