Pardon Shahid Masood if news bounces, Anchors plead to CJP Nisar

Lahore: CJP grilled Shahid Masood in his court appearance today and also laid out the cases he would have to face if news proven fake.


Chief Justice Pakistan Supreme Court, Justice Saqib Nisar asked the journalists in presence at the Zainab rape and murder trial about the possible punishment that Dr. Shahid Masood should be awarded if his news is proven as fake.

“If your news is proven fake then you will have to face a trial for Insulting the court, you will have to contend with provisions of terrorism and a case will also be made under article 79 against you,” told CJP Nisar to Shahid Masood.

The Journalists in attendance were unanimous in asking for pardon for the senior anchor even if his news was proven as fake and/or ill-informed.



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