Parliament was right platform for PM to make NAB statement: Shah

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, Syed Khursheed Shah said the statement given by the Prime Minister at a public meeting on Tuesday should have been in the Parliament or Cabinet.


“I can tell what is weighing on the Prime Minister in the current circumstances,” Khursheed Shah said while talking to media persons here on Wednesday.

He said statements began pouring in as soon as the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) also began to turn its focus towards Punjab.

“We are not saying that innocent people be persecuted,” he said, adding, however, that corrupt elements, regardless of where they may be, must be taken to task.

He said the political parties had reservations as why no action is being taken against corrupt elements in Punjab. “The parties were of the view as to why the NAB was only active in Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” he added.

The Opposition leader without mentioning any name, said it has become clear from the statement of a Punjab minister that NAB is being prevented from entering the largest province of Pakistan.

Criticizing the modus operandi used by the NAB as flawed, Khrusheed Shah said the Bureau begins its action by inviting and arresting the suspects.

He said the right way for NAB would be to first complete its investigation and then hand over the charge sheet to the concerned.


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