Partial lunar eclipse being viewed across Pakistan

A partial lunar eclipse, beginning on Tuesday night and ending early Wednesday morning, is visible in Pakistan, according to the Climate Data Processing Centre (CDPC).


According to CDPC prediction, the eclipse commenced on July 16 at 11:44 pm and will conclude at 1:02 am on July 17.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon surpasses directly behind Earth and into its shadow. This can take place only when the Sun, Earth, and the Moon are exactly or very closely aligned, with Earth between the other two. A lunar eclipse can happen only on the night of a full moon.

This year’s lunar eclipse will also be witnessed by people in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Antarctica.

Earlier this year, Pakistan was unable to observe the solar and lunar eclipses on January 6 and 21 respectively.

However, CDPC predicts that the country will be able to view the last solar eclipse of the year on December 26.


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