Patients suffer as young doctors at JPMC go on strike

KARACHI: Young Doctors Association’s (YDA) strike at Jinnah Hospital resulted in denial of treatment to at least 15,000 patients in three days while hundreds of operations were postponed.


The strike against delay in provision of salaries and allowances by the medics is continuing on the third day.

On the other hand, dialogue with the administration, aimed at bringing the medics back to work did not bear fruit. Out Patient Departments (OPD) and operation theatres are shut.

By Saturday, operation theatres were functional however, the week’s start has witnessed halt to surgical appointments.

However, emergency ward is functional amid the protests. The medics had warned on Saturday of closure of emergency services in case their demands are not met. Jinnah Hospital’s OPDs mainly cater to people belonging to far flung areas.

Sindh government has been alleged in the past of being in ‘halat-e-bhang’. The case seems to have some truth to it as no step has been taken so far to resolve the issue.

Number of patients who are being refused treatment is surging with every passing day.

Provincial government’s negligence in various departments has been pointed out on numerous occasions. Be it uncovered gutters in streets or X-ray machines worth lacs of rupees which were reported on Saturday to be deteriorating in drought-hit Tharparkar, Sindh government has lots to do.

In Tharparkar, more than 50 malnourished children have died while several machines which were bought for hospitals in the area were found rusting near dump.