PBC condemns threats issued against Aurat March 2020 participants, organisers

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) on Tuesday threw its support behind the Aurat March and condemned the threats being hurled against the participants and organisers of the event.


The PBC stated that march and peaceful protests are included in the human rights of an individual. The council added that in the Aurat March, it is being demanded that women’s right turn into a reality.

“Gathering of women at public places is a reflection of democracy,” said the highest elected body of lawyers in the country. They also demanded the government to ensure the security of the participants of the march.

The show of support comes after a plea was filed in the Lahore High Court seeking a permanent ban on the upcoming Aurat March. Advocate Siddique’s petition had stated: “Prima facie the Aurat March is misdirection and a failed attempt to raise grave issues commonly faced by women.”

The petitioner claimed that placards carrying messages that allegedly manifest anarchy and vulgarity would be displayed by hundreds of women during the march.

“There are various anti-state parties present who are funding this Aurat March with the sole purpose of spreading anarchy amongst the masses,” he accused.

Siddique added in his claims that the march was “against the very norms of Islam” and that its hidden agenda is to spread “anarchy, vulgarity and hatred”. He had requested the court to “silence the advertisement of Aurat March on social media and to regulate protests such as the Aurat March”.

Aurat March 2020 will be held across Pakistan on March 8 to mark International Women’s Day.


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