People have rejected Imran: Amir Muqam


PESHAWAR: In a public display of power, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) staged a rally in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s capital on Sunday where party leader Amir Muqam, addressing the masses, criticised PTI chairman Imran Khan’s politics.


Prime Minister’s adviser Amir Muqam, addressing the rally in Peshawar, said that the people have spurned Imran Khan’s agenda of anarchy and protest politics.

He said that the people of KPK have seen the real face of the PTI chief, who has failed to deliver on his promises of change and elimination of corruption.

In contrast, whatever PM Nawaz Sharif has done for the progress and prosperity of the country is clearly visible to the public, Muqam said.

Continuing with his criticism of Imran Khan, Muqam claimed even members of PTI say the government is indulging in corruption.

“There is no sign of the billion trees project in the province,” Muqam said, adding that the entire PTI is busy with a failed rally.

The PM’s adviser lauded the Peshawar public, saying that the people have made history by making the PML(N) rally a success.

“After Mansehra and Lakki Marwat, PML(N) has now displayed its power in Peshawar,” Muqam said, remarking that people were attending the rally in hordes despite obstacles and that the workers’ enthusiasm was giving him fresh confidence.

Muqam said that PML(N)’s rally will prove that PTI has lost its popularity in KPK. Taking another jibe at PTI, he said that all of KPK’s police seemed to have been deployed at the PTI rally.

He said PM Nawaz Sharif will come to Peshawar in September or October.

“One soldier of Nawaz Sharif is enough to take on Imran Khan and his entire party,” Muqam said.

PTI chairman Imran Khan on Sunday mounted the party’s famous container once again to kick off the accountability movement from Peshawar.

The PTI chief addressed the rally participants before commencing the anti-corruption campaign, which is currently heading towards Attock.

He said that the institutions of the country were destroyed due to corruption.

“This is a trailer, the match is about to start,” Imran said earlier.

The PTI had earlier said that it would go home peacefully after staging a protest if PM Nawaz Sharif accepted the united opposition’s ToRs.