Peshawar: Authorities foils smuggling bid, Afghanistan-bound medicines seized

PESHAWAR: District administration on Tuesday has foiled a smuggling attempt that aimed delivery of government medicines in Afghanistan while six arrests were made.


According to the details, drugs worth crore of rupees were being illegally smuggled using a truck. Sources said that the drugs bear labels ‘Punjab Government Property’ and ‘Not for Sale’.

The medicines also bear stamps of Lahore’s Mayo Hospital, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Services Hospital, US Aid and other government health facilities. The seized drugs include at least 60 different kinds of drugs. The medicines were hidden in scrap.

The truck driver was also found in possession of receipts from Lahore facilities. The driver said that he did not know the medicines were being illegally transported.

However, the security personnel arrested five passengers and the driver for interrogation. The district administration has also seized another two trucks.