PIA privatization: Employees not giving in, protest again


KARACHI: Employees of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Monday have once again staged a protest outside the head office against proposed privatization and ordinance.


Large number of employees gathered outside the head office and closed the gate. The protesters said that they would not let CEC meeting happen in the head office.

Pakistan Unity Union’s organizing secretary Amir Dar said that they have no option but to protest as the government did not meet its promises.

Earlier on December 7, Karachi employees protested in national airline’s head office and chanted slogans against the decision. Check-in counter remained closed due to the protest of the staff.

Many flights were delayed and passengers could not get their boarding passes. The employees at Faisalabad airport also protested against the decision and threatened to quit working. In Multan, employees demonstrated for two hours and protested on Abdali Road.

In Peshawar, PIA staff had protested at Bacha Khan Airport and demonstrated their protest by tying black ribbons on their arms.

The protests continued after that as on December 14, a strike was called by a joint action committee comprising of members of different organizations during which the staffers held banners against the decision.

The strike had badly disrupted the normal routine as all the offices were closed from 9 am to 11 am. The workers had demanded to mull the decision of PIA privatization.

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On the other hand, Federal Minister for Finance Ishaq dar on Sunday said that the government would not privatize the airlines but would get a “strategic partner” which would have 26 percent shares.