PIA strike: Administration to use private airliners to send Umrah pilgrims

LAHORE: Pakistan International Airline (PIA) administration has decided on Wednesday to use private airliners to transport the passengers as thousands face difficulties amid strike by PIA employees.


The PIA administration has decided to send Umrah pilgrims through private airliners to Saudi Arabia. The pilgrims had been facing extreme difficulties as PIA had to cancel seven flights due to strike by PIA employees.

According to the details, thousands of passengers were facing extreme difficulties to reach their destinations as the strike o PIA employees continue.

The passengers are facing extreme difficulties in reaching their destinations as the flight operations of PIA had been halted from Tuesday.

The Umrah pilgrims from Quetta said that they are facing difficulties due to flight cancellations. The passengers fear that their visas will expire as they fail to find flights to Saudi Arabia.

The passengers who had booked tickets in advance are not finding any response from PIA staff.


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