PM Imran finds similarities between challenges inherited by his govt, Malaysian PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said that Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed, the most experienced and accomplished statesman of the Muslim world, faced exactly the same problems as his government in Pakistan.


In his twitter message, the prime minister said that: “He (Mahathir) is confronted with an entrenched pol (political) mafia that has bankrupted and indebted Malaysia, leaving state institutions devastated.”

The prime minister also tagged a write up of Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamed titled “KERAJAAN PAKATAN HARAPAN” in which he recalled the conditions when the Pakatan Harapan coalition had formed the government, the challenges and the achievements his government had made so far.

Strikingly both prime ministers not only shared identical views regarding the local and regional issues, but also they had inherited the burning challenges from their preceding governments ranging from whopping corruption, fragile economy and devalued currency leading to extreme poverty and internal and external debts.

Imran Khan had also declared 2020 as the year of progress after the national economy had been stabilized with robust stock market, appreciation in the local currency and the flow of investments in different sectors.


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