PM Imran, President Alvi reaffirmed Pakistan’s “unflinching support” for Kashmiris

President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan, in their separate messages, reaffirmed Pakistan’s “unflinching support” for Kashmiris who have been subjected to an inhumane lockdown and communications blockade since August 5.


President Alvi remarked it has been a battle of hope against overwhelming odds, of courage against fear, and sacrifice against tyranny; but through all of it, the Kashmiri people have persisted, unrelenting and proud like they have always been, to deny India the perverse gratification of subjugating them.

“On August 5, India absolved itself of the last pretence of civility and justice be trying to deprive the Kashmiri people of their very identity. Through its illegal and unilateral actions of August 5 2019, India directly contravened the relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions and tried to further brutalise the Kashmiri people and take additional measures to deny them their legitimate right to self-determination as promised by the international community through those resolutions,” said the president

President Alvi noted that through such actions India’s has exposed itself as a “sham democracy” in front of the international community. He added that Islamabad will continue to raise the issue of Kashmir at every available forum.

“India’s illegal actions of August 5 have further strengthened the bond between the people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan,” noted the president.

While PM Imran noted that the restrictions imposed by New Delhi on occupied Kashmir have “exposed the fiction of India’s democracy”.

The prime minister stated that the Muslim Ummah, Pakistan and the international community have rejected India’s travesty of law and justice.

“India stands before the world, exposed as a majoritarian and authoritarian polity, tramping upon the basic rights and freedoms of the Kashmiri people,” said PM Imran. He added that Islamabad demands New Delhi to immediately lift the military siege and communications blackout in the occupied valley.

“All those illegally arrested and incarcerated should be released and the draconian laws enabling impunity to Indian occupation forces be immediately repealed,” said PM Imran. He also called on New Delhi to give access to international human rights and humanitarian organisations, international media, to evaluate the human rights situation.

While Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in his message to the international community must do more to support the Kashmiris “in this time of trial and tribulation”. He noted that each additional second on the lockdown clock is a burden on the world’s collective conscience.

The foreign minister said the international community must act in support of the fundamental freedoms and basic human rights of Kashmiris and urge India to allow the UN Fact-Finding Mission to occupied Kashmir to ascertain the reports of grave human rights violations there.


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