PM instructs to legislate death penalty for sexual exploiters: Awan

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to PM (SAPM) on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Aashiq Awan said on Tuesday the Prime Minister Imran Khan has instructed the cabinet to legislate the death penalty for sexual exploiters and ordered efforts to stop child sexual abuse.


In a media briefing following a cabinet session, Dr Awan said the cabinet expressed grief over the martyrdom of the Pakistan Army soldier Gul Khan during Sunday’s Khar Qamar check post attack in North Waziristan and the tribal people were provoked by the miscreants to attack the check post.

Awan said the miscreants are trying to put tribal areas’ stability on the line on the behest of the international forces and the tribal people have sacrificed dearly for the country.

Awan said there will be zero tolerance for those challenging writ of the state. Awan said PM showed reservations on the misusage of the internet and the cabinet took making efforts to prevent youth from accessing unnecessary material on the internet under consideration.

Awan said the upcoming budget will be based on thrift which will be presented on June 11. She said control on the fiscal deficit, increase in taxation, make the environment suitable for an increase in the growth rate are priorities of the budget.

Awan said a comprehensive export policy will be announced soon and the restoration of suffering industries is part of the government’s priorities. Awan said the suggestion of increasing revenue on the cigarette industry is under consideration and those who were not selected in the Hajj quota thrice will be preferred in the additional quota.


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