PM Khan approves “Mazdoor Ehsaas Prg” ahead of Labour Day

ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday approved the “Mazdoor Ehsaas Programme” ahead of the Labour Day tomorrow.


Presiding a high-level meeting in the federal capital, PM said protection of the nation’s weaker class’ rights is the topmost priority of the government and asserted the need to implement labor protection laws.

PM praised the Punjab government’s efforts for labour welfare and directed the meeting attendants to take stepwise steps for protection of labour rights.

Under the programme, an “Ehsaas Labour Welfare Social Protection Expert Group” will be formed which will prepare recommendations to make labour wellness certain.

Labours belonging to the traditional as well as untraditional sectors will be registered under the programme which will also take the wellness of both national and overseas labours under consideration.

Under the programme, which is the biggest, most comprehensive and elaborate plan in the history of Pakistan, 115 social welfare programmes are being set up.


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