PM Khan guarantees public their tax money will not be stolen

ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister Imran Khan guaranteed public on Thursday that their tax money will not be stolen and will be spent on national progress.


In a message for the public regarding the new tax amnesty scheme, PM said only one per cent Pakistanis out of 220 million are tax-filers who are bearing the burden of the rest non-filers. PM said various Pakistanis have overseas accounts and those living overseas have a chance to serve their home country by declaring their assets.

PM said the government has introduced the easiest amnesty scheme and by declaring assets through the scheme, Pakistan will strengthen economically.

PM said the government had to take loans because of people not filing taxes and difficulties are being faced by the government in developmental projects because of lesser tax filing. PM said if people won’t pay taxes, the government cannot serve them and declaration of assets will help the country stand on its feet.

PM said asset declaration will assist the welfare activities for the poor and the chance to declare assets will only be available till June 30.


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