PM Khan launches Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme in Quetta

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday launched the Naya Pakistan Housing scheme in Quetta.


Addressing the ceremony, PM said his government is committed to elevate Balochsitan and make it equivalent of other developed areas of the country.

PM said no country can advance until corrupt facets are brought to justice, adding, “the country will develop when the weak segments of the society are cared for by the state.”

PM said, “today, it is difficult for salaried persons to afford houses,”  adding that in the Naya Pakistan scheme, five million houses will be built for those who cannot afford shelter due to their financial insecurity.

PM Imran said, “In other countries, [the number of] people who take out a mortgage to build homes is quite high in comparison with Pakistan. A law will be introduced in Pakistan so that mortgages can be taken. The State Bank of Pakistan is also encouraging commercial banks to disburse more housing loans to consumers.”

Malaysian and Chinese countries are interested in investing in the housing scheme, PM said.

PM said, “I urge the youth to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs rather than looking at the government for jobs,” adding that youth will be provided the opportunity to start their own construction companies to take advantage of the housing boom.

PM said basic civic services can be ensured only when the cities are planned and organised, while discussing the importance of a master plan for Quetta, adding, “It is important to make a master plan for Quetta or it will keep expanding. Jam Kamal and I will work for the province. Balochistan is lucky they have a chief minister such as Jam sahab.”

PM said he is responsible for every person in the country and he urged to help Balochistan and move the country forward.

In the first phase of Naya Pakistan housing scheme, 135, 000 houses will be built across the country while 25,000 apartments will be build in Islamabad for the federal employees and 110,000 apartments will be built in Balochistan for the fishermen of Gwadar.

Earlier today, PM met with the families of Hazarganji blast victims, offered condolences and recited fatiha for the martyrs of the blast.


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