PM Khan performs groundbreakings of Mainwali Express, Namal Institute Hospital

Web Desk – (Syed Ahad Hussain)


MIANWALI: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday performed groundbreaking of Maianwali Express train and Namal Institute Hospital here at Mianwali.

Speaking at the Mianwali Express groundbreaking ceremony, PM said the express is being launched to facilitate the common man as the Railways were completely ignored by the previous governments.

PM said ML1 project will revolutionise the transportation sector and the commute time of Karachi to Lahore will be reduced to eight hours after completion of the project.

PM said the looted money will be recovered and spent on Ehsaas poverty alleviation programme.

Addressing the groundbreaking ceremony of Namal Institute Hospital earlier today, PM said establishment of modern hospitals in neglected areas will benefit the poor, will try to further develop those areas. He said people used to tell him that a university cannot be built in villages yet the Namal University has produced 22 PhD. students, while 92 per cent of students in the university have been awarded scholarships.

PM said corruption is the biggest hurdle in way of progress due to which people abroad refrain from coming to Pakistan. He said the country cannot prosper without the accountability of the corrupt which will continue come what may.

PM said opposition complain of the government doing revenge politics. “When I talked about Panama Papers, 32 cases were filed against me. that was revenge politics,” PM asserted.


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