PM Khan says Pakistan does not have capacity to opt for lockdown

In a televised address to the nation over coronavirus situation on Sunday, the PM said that the lockdown will affect the elderly and poor people. “Lockdown means to impose curfew in the country and deploy police and army which is not feasible,” he remarked.


He said 25% people in the country live below poverty line. He said it is time to get united and fight against coronavirus as one nation. He maintained the lockdown will only lead to panic in the country.

He said like China, we will also be able to control the coronavirus outbreak. The prime minister said that it is time we should take precautionary measures and deal with the pandemic.

“We have limited resources and need to counter the disease amicably.” Imran mentioned the government is making strategies for the poor class, industrialists and businessmen.

PM says panic is more dangerous than coronavirus which could prove destructive for the country. He urged the nation to cooperate with the government in battle against the deadly disease.

Earlier, Sindh government decided to impose lockdown in the province


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