PM Khan takes notice of delayed petitions with public entities

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday took notice of delay in service delivery by public entities and directed the relevant ministries and divisions to dispose of applications and petitions by citizens within four weeks.


According to a notification issued by prime minister’s secretary, the prime minister in order to build the public confidence on government functionaries, desired that all tiers must work out minimum timelines for case processing and display the same at their websites and notice boards within ten days.

The notice was taken in view of several applications, petitions and references from citizens received by the ministries, divisions and provincial governments, which were either delayed, kept unattended indefinitely or filed without taken any action thereon.

“The above exercise shall be carried out by all concerned and a report shall be submitted after four weeks for perusal of the prime minister (in case of federal government) and chief minister (in case of provincial governments),” the notification said.

The report by the heads of division, attached organisations, chief secretaries, field formations etc will certify about taking-up of the pending service delivery-related applications.

“This will help the citizens to know in advance the probable processing timeline of their cases,” it added.

The reason for delay of those cases, which cannot be disposed of in stipulated time or required further time, will be explained to the applicant in writing.

The progress on cases will be constantly monitored by all federal and chief secretaries, and heads of organisations who will submit a quarterly certificate to the prime minister’s office or chief minister’s office.

“The measures on this account will factor into the performance evaluation of the officer concerned and laxity would deem to be considered inefficiency in terms of Efficiency & Discipline Rules and dealt with accordingly,” the notification added.



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