PM Khan vows to spend Rs100 BN annually on development of tribal areas

JAMRUD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said will spend Rs100 billion annually for the next 10 years on the development of tribal areas and will further instruct the Chief Minister to build 12 by-pass bridges and 12 dams in the area to solve the water problem as well.


Speaking to a gathering in Jamrud, PM said tribal people suffered severe losses because of war and had to migrate and will try to give relief to them by providing employment and loans for businesses.

PM said the Torkham border should be open 24 hours as people suffer loss whenever it is closed and Pakistan’s two-way trade with Afghanistan will benefit both countries. PM said praying to God for peace in Afghanistan and suggested the country to appoint caretaker government before the elections.

PM said Afghanistan should hold elections through neutral empires and if Afghani people refuse to accept the election results it will result in chaos again.

PM said future of the tribal youth is bright and if youth gains consciousness they bring the nation to the new heights. PM said will consider fulfilling tribal youth’s demand of a university and 3G, 4G services.


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