PM Nawaz appoints Muhammad Amlish as DG FIA

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif has appointed Muhammad Amlish, BS-21 police official as director of the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA).


Spokesperson of the Prime Minister House confirmed the fresh appointment.

The new Director General (DG) has earlier served as Balochistan’s Inspector General (IG) and National Police Bureau’s Director General.

FIA’s DG post was vacant after Akbar Khan Hoti retired in February. Abid Qadri was asked to serve as acting DG until the government makes up mind about FIA’s new chief.

One of the highlights of the department in Hoti s tenure is Axact fake degree scam. Last year FIA had raided different offices of Axact and seized computers and documents. The company was alleged of selling fake degrees and reportedly had earned above USD 200 million.

FIA had apprehended the chief of the company among others and is still pursuing the case.