PM shares his views on the Inaugration of the Nahakki Tunnel

On the occasion of inauguration of the Nahakki Tunnel and Shaikh Zayed Road, Mohmand District, the bordering area of the province, the Prime Minister spoke about the insecurity and the vulnerability of the area and how it may be exploited by some elements if the area was not developed.


This is a long standing issue because of the borderline area sensitivity with a record of a lot going on there because of the terrain and the underdevelopment of the backward area. Every government brings their agenda to table regarding this issue. It has been there since decades now.

The Prime Minister said “I am afraid that certain elements which do not want stability and peace in these areas will try planning a scheme, and they are funded by some foreign countries. Therefore, we will concentrate on the full development of these areas”.

He also added the Medina vision of his government on equality and how he wants to work for the poor masses of the underdeveloped areas keeping Jinnah’s and Iqbal’s ideologies in mind and as a guidance.

He further added, addressing on the occasion “We are making our full efforts to allocate maximum funds on developing the tribal areas. It saddens me that provinces promised to give 30 per cent of NFC (National Finance Commission) award to tribal areas before we came into power but now they are not ready to do that. I want to remind them that our religion and Holy Quran tell us to fulfill our promises”.


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