PM urges global leaders to fight online extremism

Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the world leaders to fight online hate and extremism.


In an interview with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), he said the killing four Pakistani origin family members in Ontario has shocked everybody in Pakistan.

Imran Khan said when there are these hate websites, which create hatred against human beings, there should be an international action against them.

The Prime Minister said he has raised the issue with his Canadian Counterpart Justin Trudeau. He said Trudeau is a leader who understands the importance of fighting online hate and Islamophobia. He however said the problem is that some international leaders do not understand this phenomenon.

Meanwhile, in a Tweet, the Prime Minister said Pakistan is doing more than its share to fight climate change.

He said the country is thinking about its future generations.

The Prime Minister also shared the budget allocations made for the environment protection over the last one decade, showing that the PTI government significantly enhanced the budget for the climate change.

14500 million rupees have been earmarked for climate change in the next fiscal year budget.


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