PML(N) furious over ECP’s, NAB’s chairmen; Pervez Rasheed demands both to appear before Senate

ISLAMABAD: On Saturday, angered Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz) senior leader Pervez Rasheed slammed the Election of Pakistan for showing partisanship in favor of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf(PTI).


Addressing at the floor of Senate today, Rasheed went furious over the National Accountability Bureau(NAB) action against PML(N),  saying one party’s candidate Anjum Aqeel  is summoned just four days before elections.

He further demanded that both NAB and ECP’s chairmans must be notified to appear before the parliament to address PML(N) concern.

Taking jibe over PTI’s chief Imran Khan, Rasheed claimed the cricketer turned politician is being exempted from court appearances, whereas PML(N) candidates are booked and summoned in various cases.

On Friday, Anti Terrorism Court exempted Imran and other PTI leaders from appearing in Dharna violence case, adjourned the hearing till September 9th.

Moreover, Rasheed’s tirade went beyond to the alleged conduct of interim Punjab’s government, adding that caretaker chief minister Hassan Aksari is treating PML(N) with biases, as the latter had already written an article in foreign news outlet—— predicting an increase of seats in PTI’s bucket in Punjab.

Nawaz’s loyalist, Rasheed alleged that Puunjab’s caretaker government is not neutral.


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