Police obtain forensic report of Qandeel’s mobile phone data

MULTAN: Police personnel on Saturday has obtained forensic report of Mufti Qavi, Haq Nawaz and Waseem’s mobile phone data in Qandeel Baloch murder case.


According to report, slain Qandeel Baloch had contacted Mufti Qavi on June 22 for the last time. She sent ten messages to the cleric which were ignored by him.

The report has also shown that Mufti Qavi had no contact with model’s family but Qandeel was in touch with other friends.

It was also learnt that suspect Waseem called his brother Arif who is living abroad and incited him to take Haq Nawaz’s support in murder.

Earlier, polygraph test of suspect in Facebook celebrity Qandeel Baloch honour killing case, Abdul Basit, has refuted police’s claim that he did not know about the crime before it was committed.

Abdul Basit was included in the investigations since he had driven two key culprits in a taxi from Baloch’s ancestral village Shah Saddar Din in Dera Ghazi Khan to Multan on July 15.

Baloch was murdered by Waseem, her younger brother and his cousin, Haq Nawaz on the night of July 15 to reclaim honour of the family and the body was found the next day.

It has been revealed that not only did he shift the two to Multan but also helped them flee back to Dera Ghazi Khan on the night of July 16 before going into hiding himself.

Police had stated that Basit was unaware of purpose of visit of Waseem and Nawaz which the polygraph test disputes.
Reportedly, Basit’s mobile phone was also turned off after the murder.

Police have stated that pictures with former members of the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee, Mufti Abdul Qawi became reason for her murder but no evidence have surfaced against the cleric so far.

Baloch’s pictures with the clergyman had surfaced roughly over two months before she was murdered.


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