Polio Drops Administering reaches Abbottabad

Like the rest of the country the Polio Immunity Mission has now successfully resumed its operation in Abbottabad reported NewsOne exclusively.


According to reports given by NewsOne more than 216,000 children are to be immunised from Polio.

Around 1127 teams are participating in the mission of eradicating polio from the area.

For the security of the volunteers around 802 Police Officials have been designated to avoid any unpleasant situation.

“I humbly request all parents to participate and co-operate with us in saving their children from polio” said the DC Abbottabad, Mugheez Sanaullah, he further went on adding that the unfortunate circumstances are that we at Pakistan are one of the countries where polio still takes its toll, reported NewsOne.

DHO Faisal Khanzada also stressed on the point saying that he requests all parents to co operate with the their volunteers and hopes that the ones which were left out in the previous campaign of polio drops administering shall be immunised this time.

The polio drops administrating mission will be spread over a period of five days.



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