PPP files reference in ECP to disqualify Prime Minister

KARACHI: The Pakistan People’s Party has filed a 1000-page reference to the Election Commission of Pakistan, calling for the disqualification of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.


Speaking to the media on Monday the party’s general secretary Latif Khosa said that Nawaz Sharif had defaulted Rs6 billion when he filed his nomination papers in the ECP in 2013.

Speaking about the document that the party had submitted in the ECP he said that it held details of all of the prime minister’s hidden assets since 1985.

He said that the opposition had given the prime minister time to hold himself accountable since April 3. “But the government does not want an investigation on the prime minister.”

He added that the parliamentary committee which the government is insisting on is just a move to buy time.

He said that it was the duty of the ECP to disqualify candidates who are not honest and truthful.

Khosa stressed that they were also presenting themselves for accountability. “If Rehman Malik has been named in the Panama Leaks he should be probed too.”