PPP not being given a level playing field, pre-polling rigging underway: Bilawal Bhutto

PESHAWAR:  Speaking at a party workers house in Peshawar, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto decried a lack of a level playing field in the upcoming elections.


I fear pre-poll rigging in the elections, especially with regards to Peshawar but PPP has never nor will they ever boycott the elections and will partake in the elections to the best of their abilities.

Speaking on the recent wave of terrorism, he expressed deep sorrow and grief on the situation.

“We look towards building and implementing a new National Action Plan when we come into power”.

People are being pressurized to change loyalties, we have named GDA and PTI as beneficiaries of such underhanded tactics, said Bilawal.

I am unable to understand why Nawaz Sharif was barred from meeting his party workers, that should not have happened.

‘I will not be holding a big power-show, rather I am more interested in smaller scale rallies and meetings, said the PPP Chairman.

The response for PPP’s election drive thus far has been overwhelming, we will take action against those who don’t follow part policy.

“120 people have died, I will not hold massive power shows out of respect and sing songs or chants slogans, we will not sink to cashing in a tragedy”.

“The administration of KPK has played a partial role and we want the ECP to take strict and swift action against them”.

“IJI has been made in the past and a new one is being manufactured as we speak, this puppet show will leave disastrous effects and this will revert all the good Democracy has brought in the last 10 years”.




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