PPP removes Farhatullah Babar as Zardari’s spokesperson

KARACHI: Pakistan people’s party on Wednesday has removed Senator Farhatullah Babar as the spokesman of Asif Ali Zardari, NewsOne reported.


In a notification issued by PPP states that party will nominate new spokesperson in couple of days.

The senator on Tuesday delivering his farewell speech at the upper House of the parliament said that his party has backed off from upholding the supremacy of parliament.

The outgoing senator in his speech said that politicians should restrain themselves from confrontation with institutions, adding that respecting institutions is obligatory for everyone.

“Politicising judiciary and vice versa has endangered parliament ,” Senator added.

The Senator said he had witnessed positive change in evolution of Upper house during three years.

Mr Chairman, I feel concerned when our very honorable judges read poetry instead of quoting the law and constitution,” he added.

Foreign minister Khawaja Asif takes a jibe at Asif Ali Zardari on twitter for removing Farhatullah Babar as spokesperson and not to nominate Raza Rabbani as candidate for Senate chairman.

In November 2017, Senator Farhatullah Babar resigned from the parliamentary committee on accountability laws.


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