Zainab Case: New JIT formed, Masood warned of consequences if news proved fake

Lahore: Supreme Court Lahore Registry, Zainab Case underway at the venue where Dr. Shahid Masood is the main focus of the debates today.


I.G Punjab, D.G Forensics and the head of the Investigating JIT all present in the proceedings.

Private Media Channel owners and senior anchors are also present, the security in the vicinity is full proof and on high alert.

Zainab’s bereaved father also present in the Supreme Court.

Supreme courts full bench has instructed a ban on Zainab’s family lawyer and father from making further commentary with regards to the case.

Supreme Court has formed a JIT on the anchor’s revelations and further probe into the subject has been ordered, DG FIA Basheer Memon was named as the one leading the JIT.

Saqib Nisar singling out Dr. Shahid Masood said, if the story is proven true then I will award you a certificate of being a brilliant anchor, otherwise you can’t comprehend the consequences of the claim if the claim is proven otherwise, the CJ made clear.

The CJ Instructed Zainab’s father to comply with the investigations and Investigative authorities, If he faces any problems with regards to the investigations then he may register a complain.

Dr. Shahid Masood has been instructed to make himself available for investigation and scrutiny in front of the newly formed JIT.

The CJP further commented, ‘Your statement with regards to the main accused holding 37 plus accounts created an unneeded frenzy among the populace, We can even put your name on the ECL, you made a claim and now proving it is your responsibility as well, Justice Saqib Nisar instructed Dr. Shahid Masood.

The honorary Supreme Court expressed annoyance with Dr. Shahid Masood’s conduct and told him to stick to the topic of discussion rather than beating around the bush.

Dr. Shahid Masood reiterated his prior stance and said that he stands by each and every word he has said.

After the clear heated argument between the honorary CJP and senior Anchor Shahid Masood, Dr. Shahid asked to voluntarily walk away from the podium to which the CJP replied that he will not be let go off this easy.

This is a unique case and can set a set a precedent that is why I have invited senior anchors of Pakistan to the court for the hearing as well, said CJP Saqib Nisar.

From now onward there will be no more Judicial commissions made for the sake of Inquiry, Inquiries are not the job of a judicial commission, let the investigative agencies do their jobs, said Saqib Nisar.

The tragic murder of Zainab was given a new twist on Thursday when Dr Masood handed over to Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar two names in a folded paper who, he claimed, were behind an international racket running a child pornography ring.

Later talking to journalists, he claimed that one of them was a sitting federal minister but kept the name secret, saying the disclosure might endanger the life of Mohammad Imran — the suspected killer of the Kasur girl who was arrested on Tuesday.

Dr Masood was summoned by the chief justice after the former had in his programme on NewsOne claimed that the suspect maintained over 37 bank accounts mostly in foreign currency with transactions in dollars, euro and pound sterling.

In his programme, the anchor had requested the chief justice, the prime minister and the army chief to take notice of these facts, claiming that the rapist was neither a psychic, deranged or an insane person nor a simpleton.

Dr Masood said he came to know about the international scam during his visit abroad, adding that the suspect enjoyed the backing of a very influential personality. He regretted that the Kasur incident was being discussed all over the world.


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