Protest continues in Kasur over the brutal rape, murder of minor Zainab

KASUR: Protest have continued in Kasur for the second day after the murder of Zainab, a 7 years old minor who was killed following multiple rape assaults.


Residents are still protesting on Kali Pul Chowk, whereas the Ferozepur Road, linking Kasur to nearby towns and cities, remains blocked. Moreover, protests against the incident are being taken out across the country, from Peshawar to Karachi.

Markets in Kasur are also closed in protest against the incident while sporadic demonstrations are also being held outside the District Headquarters Hospital.

Protesters also ransacked the hospital, which was left devoid of security and medical staff.

Earlier today Chief Minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif visited Zainab’s home and promised her parents to provide justice.


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