PTI will thrash PML-N in upcoming Elections: Imran Khan

RAWALPINDI: on Sunday Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said that his party will thrash  the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz in the upcoming elections, also adding that has been ‘waiting for this match for last 22 yearS.


Addressing to the party membership camp in Rawalpindi, cricketer turned politician said that the PML-N did not provide basic facilities to the people of the province where it rules.

He also equated the his adversaries as ‘Mafia’ saying that PTI is fighting a group of mafia.

“In the next elections the corrupt group will lose,” he said, adding that this is the year for new Pakistan.

“Your Kaptaan (Captain) knows how to contest, he will thrash the rival political parties,” said Imran.


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