PTM rightfully demands Pushton rights but their attitude is not right: PM Khan

ORAKZAI: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) says the right thing and he have been saying these things for the past 15 years but their attitude and tone is not right for the country.


Addressing a rally in Orakzai, the Premier thanked the residents of the district and mentioned that he visited the area some 27 years ago when he was writing a book.

“When the war against terror started, I was the only politician who had visited and knew the tribal areas. That’s why I said time and again that Pakistan’s armed forces should not be sent to tribal areas on US’ saying because the tribal people are our army,” he said.

PM added, “unfortunately, the leader of the time did not know about tribal areas or their traditions or history. Thus, what happened in our tribal areas, most did not know the kind of damage that was done.”

“Pakistan Army had no fault in this but the leader who sent the army on US’ saying,” PM continued.

PM reiterated that no other leader has visited the area as much as he has and they do not have an understanding of the area as he has. He added, “I have come here to assure you that Pakistan will never forget your sacrifices and will support you.”

PM, while discussing PTM, said, “chanting against your country and armed forces will hurt the nation and nothing else, PTM should not rub salt on people’s wounds.”

Premier said, “I was the one who spoke up when people in tribal areas faced bad times. Today, we have to think how we can move forward. The real challenge is how the youth and children of tribal areas can acquire education and jobs.”

“Those who ruled for the last 10 years, the way they looted our country they took our debt from Rs6,000 billion to Rs30,000 billion,” PM said while discussing current economic situation.

PM said he wished for peace in Afghanistan so two-way trade with the country can be improved.


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