Punjab Food Authority seals two slaughter houses in Lahore

LAHORE: Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has seized around 320 Kilogram (Kg) meat and apprehended three persons after raiding two illegal slaughter houses.


Food authority Director Ayesha Mumtaz has once again come in action against illegal slaughter houses and sale of substandard meat.

Team raided two slaughter houses in provincial capital’s Lakhodair area and arrested three persons who were busy butchering dairy animals that were slaughtered illegally. Members of the raiding party inspected the meat and found it to be unhealthy for consumption.

The accused could not present any certificate regarding health and condition of the animals that were slaughtered at the house.

Team has handed over the three arrested persons, Waseem, Shafeeq and Tanvir to Baghbanpura police.

The accused stated that they have been involved in the business for a long time. They used to sell substandard meat in Sirajpura market.

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The seized meat was handed over to livestock authorities while the slaughter houses were sealed.


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