Punjab Govt. facilitated Nawaz Sharif a bit much, says Fawad

LAHORE: Punjab government facilitated Nawaz Sharif a bit much, said Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Sunday, adding that Sharif has plea bargain option available which he can use to go to London’s escapee camp.


Speaking to a press conference, the Info Minister said a meeting was held discussing ex-premier’s  health in which implementations on instructions of the Prime Minster Imran Khan regarding Sharif’s health were reviewed.

Info Minster said Sharif is being punished for corruption, where he complained about breathing problems. Jail management took his complain to the Punjab government which appointed Dr. Shahid Hameed for his check up. Ex-premier was later transferred to the hospital on 22 January as par Dr Hameed’s instructions.

Info Minsiter said that the interior board formed a medical board on 25 January which advised to transfer Sharif to the hospital. An eco-test of Sharif was conducted on 22 January in PIC. He was transferred to hospital with better medical facilities where he was admitted and treated for 6 days. He refused to undergo angiography at the Services Hospital.

Info Minister said family of Sharif demanded to be sent to London and all confusion arose due to this insistence. Here in Pakistan he is being provided utmost medical care.

Info Minister said angioplasty and by-pass have been conducted of Sharif, he was sent again to the Jinnah Hospital on 14 February. Various medical facilities are available at Jinnah and Meo Hospital. Objection was raised on inclusion of gynecologist in the board, while Sharif himself selected consultant ward of Jinnah Hospital which was vacated for him. When his bail was rejected, Sharif said he want to go back to Jail.

Info Minster said IG Punjab personally delivered a letter to Sharif in which he was given an option to call whoever he wants to the jail. 3,000 technicians and 3 doctors are available to Sharif at all times, Minister said.

Info Minister said a part of Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) wanted to politicize on Sharif’s health while the Punjab government made extraordinary efforts for Sharif’s treatment.

Info Minister said when PM Khan was injured in 2013, he had an option to go abroad but he refused to do so while risking being handicapped.

Info Minister said the approval rating of PM Khan is 57% greater than Sharif.


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